Day 26 *Thankful

So I was reading a post this morning on one of my favorite blogs  Willette  and at the end she ask us to take a picture of something that we are thankful for.  Her words were exactly what I needed today. Her words were a reminder that everything will be just fine. A reminder that I am blessed. Life is not going to be perfect most of the time, life will not bring me everything that I want most of the time, but my LIFE  has brought me love from my parents, family, husband, son and friends. And I know that it will bring me much more joy along the way. And for that I am Thankful.

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  1. Wasn't that post just amazing, I loved every word of it and I love that you continued it on you blog. :) It's great when we can all sit back and realize all the amazing things in our life and they help us through the rocky times. :)


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