Day 34 * Before and After

So, I am having problems with my compact cards. I could not recover card #1, so last night I used my back up card and was able to make my daily picture. Today I was also able to make my photo, but then when was time to upload.... the same thing happened with card #2. I wanted to cry. I am not sure what's happening here. The blogger does not allow me to publish larger pictures, my cards...only God knows. I need to seek some professional help.
So anyways, today I am cheating a little, and because I am trying to complete my Joy project, I will be using old photos only (not sure where my news ones are). Also today I have tried my first ever storyboard, not sure why today, maybe because I love a challenge? It was kind of hard to figure that out. I watched a video, read some tutorials. My boards turned out to have some distortions and the sizing I still need to figure out. I am not very happy about it but I am done for today. What I need now is a good night of sleep to start fresh, with better perspective and attitude.


  1. Such neat T&N's! The last black and white is great! I need to challenge myself to try out a storyboard! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. It was very hard for me, maybe because I am a Photoshop baby... I hope it gets easier and easier.


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