Day 35 * One

So, I am finally enjoying my new house, still a lot to be done, but it is looking like home. We moved to the number One house, which in numerology says "A home that displays the number one in numerology cultivates the self-reliance, efficiency, and independence of one who dwells there. A magnification of ambition, passion, and courage is believed to take place in the life of an individual living in what is called a "1 house." True dreams and desires are thought to come true when living in a 1 house."
I kind of like that.


  1. Interesting what you did here. I may need a pull-back.

  2. Thank you ladies!!!
    I used a free action from Pioneer Woman called Seventies, played a little with curves, applied a texture that I found on deviantArt (sanami 276_texture), cropped and quick burned edges by Pioneer Woman.
    I love both sites (deviantArt and Pioneer Woman), free information and inspiration.


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