Day 40 * What is your profession?

Most of the people hate what I do, even I do hate my own Dr. As a child I had some horrible moments at the dentist, and I really wanted to make it better. So I believe that deep inside that is why I chose this profession, to make people feel better about the whole experience. Then I decided to take care of the ones that are going through their terrible 2's sometimes even 12's just to try to make them see that "going to the dentist" it is not that bad.
I love my children and I love what I do. Nothing can be more special then see a child smile at you and say "I love you doctor!!!"


  1. I don't hate dentists! Probably because every single visit I hear "You have perfect teeth! (some good oral hygiene combined with good genetics... I think)
    You have reminded me, I really need to find a pediatric dentist here in our new town!


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