Day 103. Heaven

Today my son and I had a nature walk. He had his camera and I had mine. It was a very good exploring experience for both of us.
We took pictures of the water (we are in an island called South Padre Island in Texas), we shoot some flowers, cactus, ants, lizzards...and we talked about silly things, his friends, toys, grandpa sickness and going back home tomorrow. He has some mixed feelings about leaving, because as he said "I hope that grandpa does not go to heaven after we leave, because I love him very very much".
I still do not have an answer for that, because I truly believe that only That Guy up there knows.
So, here is one of my son's picture from today's walk.


  1. Oh, my, heavy duty thoughts for such a young boy. Hugs to you both!

  2. What a sweet boy you have! His photo is awesome!! THoughts to you!

  3. He is super sweet! I love his shot and his sensitivity. **hugs**


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