Day 119/120. blur

I reach for

scattered memories

elusive or captured,

joy and haunt,

life's measure in moments. (unknown)

So I put my son to sleep tonight and after awhile he woke up crying, because he had a bad dream and on his dream "some water" carried me away from him, and I died. He was very worried and told me that he did not want Mommy, or Daddy, or Kitty to die, because he would grow and grow, but will be living on the streets alone.
My heart stopped and I wanted to cry as well, but instead I told him that we could pray for God to protect his family. We talked about God before, but never about praying, so he did not really knew what I was trying to say. I explained that prayer is a talk that we have to God when we feel sad or even happy. Also told him that God would listen because as he already knew, God is everywhere, like the air. It was a long talk that we had. I do not remember the exactly words that he used, but here is his talk:
"Dear God, protect my family because I don't know what to do without my Mommy and Daddy. I will be so sad and alone. Protect my kitty too. Don't make my family dead. I love my family very much....Period." He had a long talk with God while we were laying in bed. It was very emotional to me to see how all the death around us affected him, how he seems so grown up with this old soul and how he could be so intense at such a young age.
He went back to sleep and I cried.
That was his first prayer. Amen



  1. Ha! I see you, too!! ;oP

  2. Aww... little guy. Life is so tough sometimes. He is blessed to have such a supportive and intuitive Mama.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I like this photo, too--I was thinking of doing an intentionally out of focus shot for one of my posts.

  4. I cried too, Valeria. Matt's first prayer was at about that age. He was in the pool, looked up in the sky, and spoke to God. I can't remember it offhand, but I wrote it down. The Bible says that we are born knowing there is a God. He made us, so we know our Maker. Max Lucado wrote a book called, "You Are Special." Wonderful book about God making each of us special. Hope you have a fantastic Mother's Day.

  5. Valeria, this was such a special moment. I love how Laura commented about the Bible saying how we are born. Isn't that amazing that even he knew he needed to talk to God? Since our kids were little, we've said prayers. Oldest to youngest, sometimes youngest to oldest. :) When it would get to the youngest, sometimes you would just hear baby talk babble. But, we gave them their chance, and boy did they know what they were saying. So sincere as they clutched their hands together and squinched their eyes shut, then ended with a resounding AaayMEN! Love it. It is so important that we pray with our little ones and help guide them. Great post!

  6. Thank you all for the posts. I am very glad that my son knows how to find peace... in his heart.


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