Day 114. Flying

We had a great Easter day. Brunch at a wonderful Mexican place called Taco Rosa, watched the movie Rio and had sometime to do whatever and be together.
My son was so happy, free, playing, making friends... flying... just doing what he knows best: "being a boy".
I felt blessed for my beautiful family.



  1. I can squint and your photos look like a little movie! Great to capture movement and fun!

    I used Photoshop Elements for my collage/storyboard. After spending a frustrated afternoon trying to figure them out--I checked out the tutorial here: Best of all is that her collages are FREE!!!

  2. Thank you Catherine, I will try that. I use CS5 and really need CS5 for dummies :)

  3. What a great series. I agree, it looks like a mini moving movie!


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