Day 145. i can

Yesterday Caroline posted this photo on her blog  Constantly Evolving , which is always a pleasure to read. That quote seemed to be made for me . Thank you Caroline.
Today for my Creativity camp the assignment was Self Portrait and everybody knows how hard  it is to take your own photo and post it . I do feel exposed and horrified.
So I looked back at Caroline's post  and blog for inspiration.  She has the most  wonderful self portraits, and  I admire her courage,  and beautiful work.
I took a deep breath and did it.  No preparation, no tripod, just exploring. Me in raw. My self portrait.



  1. Self portraits are never easy at first...but oh how they can transform you. Glad I could inspire. And your portrait is lovely! xo

  2. AnonymousMay 24, 2011

    A very beautiful portrait! You can feel the braveness seeping through. :)

  3. They do require courage--and that is a good thing--like a muscle we have to exercise! I like the mood and comp of your portrait. Love that it shows your freckles and the indentation of glasses on your nose! Yes, they reveal--beauty!!! Great job!

  4. Very contemplative. I like that.

  5. Well done for finding the courage, your portrait is beautiful!

  6. I have been very interesting.


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