Day 147. poem

It is not new that I am a participant on the Creativity Bootcamp and I am loving it.  I decided to share that experience with my son. It has been fun to see him trying to copy mommy, and also developing his own view on creating art. One of the assignments was to write a poem. My son loves, better, he is crazy about Ben10, so he wrote his first poem mixing up his favorite subject with things that he is learning in school this week.
Note that he is using his "signature writing" as he call it.

"Ben ten zen
      hen ken "    by Miles Zen



  1. Oh, that's so sweet Valeria. You're a good influence on him--expanding his horizons. Sweet.

  2. Wow, he's a poet at such a young age! It's so cool that you now have saved this memory for him so he can look back at it!


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