Day 161. childhood memory

I was born in Brazil on June 17, 1966... yes, my big 45 is coming. So this theme is perfect for all the feelings inside me right now. You know, when your birthday is coming you start to think about family, people that passed away, people that you miss, places, faces, moments that will never come back... Maybe because deep inside you are thinking "how much longer I have".
Anyway,  I had a great childhood. Not a lot of money, not full of toys and fancy clothes or any stuff that most of the kids have these days. Back there we had imagination. We used to play make believe so good, that we could create a whole universe right there in our backyard. Freedom... oh....we were really free. We used to play on the streets until 6:00pm, right before dinner, every single day. We could come and go, without adult supervision, and we were just fine, only some scratches, cuts and bruises.  It was  a wonderful world. I was a happy child.
One person I do remember is my mom's daddy. He was very good to us. His life was not easy at all, and he had his big problems, but I still remember his smile and he coming down the street, sometimes sober, sometimes really drunk... but loving us. I also remember the pastries that he used to bring to us... I can taste them right now. I loved him very very much, no matter what. So the photo today is my first toy ever, my grandpa gave that to me and it is the only thing I have kept for almost 45 years. I miss you Vovo Candinho. I miss a lot of people right now, but  looking at this little dog I feel at home and loved.



  1. Happy soon-to-be Birthday!! Thinking of our loved ones makes them alive... here in our hearts. I miss my grandparents dearly too. And I agree with you about all the freedom we used to have... without fear. That's the one thing I feel badly for my own children. They don't have that same freedom.

  2. AnonymousJune 11, 2011

    It's amazing how a seemingly simple object can hold such strong emotion - beautiful post. And happy almost birthday!

  3. Such a sweet memory and post. :)

  4. The images and sense of affect that a simple object can conjure is far more valuable than the street value of the object itself.

    Here's wishing you a beautiful birthday, June girl, from someone of your same month and generation. :D Yup, yay for those born on in the summer of '66.

  5. Hooray for the June girls :) but I am a winter girl from Brazil (opposites seasons)

  6. It's great that you still have this toy! My birthday is coming up in two months--I'm just two years younger!


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