Day 180. black and white

I while back I said that I was experimenting with film, so I did it, and today's theme was perfect for sharing.
I used a Fuji 400 B&W, on a Canon AE-1.
I had fun doing it especially for the non-instant gratification as we have with digital. Film, it is what it is type of thing.
I was not looking for technically correct pictures,  I just wanted to have some photos taken like from the old times.
It was funny to remember the feeling of looking at your processed, printed photos for the first time. Butterflies type of feeling.
I kind of like the results. I like the texture, how grainy they are and the contrast.
Now I am playing with an Holga and a color film. More fun.

Check some great B&W entries at The long Road to China


  1. AnonymousJune 30, 2011

    Oh, beautiful stuff!! Awesome film work, and I can't WAIT to see what comes from your Holga experiments!!

  2. These are great! And very impressive that you are experimenting with film.

  3. These are really great - I feel like I'm looking at film stills.

  4. Fun! I would love an old Nikon body to play with.

  5. great pictures. looks like lots of educational fun to me


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