Scavenger Hunt

So behind with my assignments and daily posts. But I had a great weekend celebrating my birthday and relaxing for a change.  I will try to catch up with comments on the next two days.

1. Emotion
               my son's face when he is really, I mean really MAD.

2. From a flower point of view

3. Natural frame
                       I had this whole idea for a shot, but it did not happen. So I guess that counts as frame.

4. Letters
             old school letter used for photographers.

5. Bliss
           means perfect happiness, great joy. I had a great weekend and after all the food, drinking, cake, family and friends, that is the best representation of my gratitude and happiness.



  1. Your photo's look great! I especially like your emotion picture. Good job! :)

  2. Great images! That face on top is priceless and I like the perspective you chose from above his head. The focus on that "E" with the color and composition is fantastic.

  3. What a great set - those first two are really great. But I also love your letter composition. Great job!

  4. These are great! LOVE that face on top. LOL

  5. Your son has a cute mad face! Those letters are really cool. Great set of photos!

  6. Well, he is still cute even when angry! And love the snails :)

  7. These are wonderful! I love your first shot, the angle gives such an interesting perspective, it really emphasizes the emotion!

  8. Gorgeous photos. Like everyone, I do love your mad son photo!

  9. luv the point of view shot...great job!!

  10. Your photos are all so beautiful! Those letters have me fascinated. For photographers? How? Why? :) Ohmygoodness your son is Adorable. Even when he's mad!

    To your question about what I upgraded to... I did go with the 5DII. Full frame is fabulous, I love everything about it EXCEPT the focusing system. If you can wait for the 5DIII, I think that camera is going to rock the photography world.

  11. Hello from Hong Kong

    Loving these sets of photographs! - and especially the emotion on your son's face! :)


  12. wow - what beautiful photos!!! i loved them!!

  13. Your photos are just gorgeous...I love that snail shell!

  14. Hello Valeria
    Thanks for stopping by...WOW Love your interpretaions for the week. Really love your natrual frame, flower point of view and letters.
    Enjoy your day!!


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