Day 187. more Getty

Going to the Getty is always an experience.
We took  the Tram up and then... Gorgeous view of the city, discovery, enjoyment and great art.

Even the LA traffic looks better for up there.

Mr Zen had way to much fun.

It was my first time shooting in a museum. The light is...  you know, museum light and my camera, Rebel Xti,  did not help as much. I have tons of photos, but... I guess I need to upgrade my camera.

The Cuba exposition was very interesting, because was a photography one. The artist (Walker Evans) just captured all day life of Cuba's residents in such a simple, but beautiful way. I love it.

We also had time to enjoy the gardens...Such an amazing place.

The Getty is "the place to visit" if you are in LA. 



  1. These are great photos. You are very clever.

  2. What a gorgeous place!


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