Day 209. monster truck

Last night I went to bed around 7:30pm, so I could not post my picture of the day. But I had my beauty sleep and woke up this morning around 7:00 am. Sometimes you have to do what your body is asking you to do.

Anyway, yesterday my son suggested that we should take pictures of the neighbor's  huge monster truck. I am so glad he had this idea. It was very cool to see him try to find the best place to make "the shot". He even went under the truck.  We had so much fun.

The last two shots are my son's work. Gotta say, he did a great job.

Z's work.



  1. Well done Z! Really like the ones of him holding the camera!

  2. way to go little man!! like mama like son. he's destined to be great :)

  3. GREAT set of photos!!


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