Day 210. five

Dear Z,

you are growing up a lot. Not sure if it is because of the summer camp and being around all those big kids, or if it is just time to grow. That makes me happy and at the same time sad, because you are becoming more independent and do not need mommy for a lot of small things.
This week you told me "Wow Mom, you find a very convenient park spot", it was funny but at the same time so adult like.
But you still a little boy and lots of times the craziness come across and we do laugh very hard. You are a very silly lovable boy, my boy.



  1. So sweet, Valeria. I wish I had a blog during the time my son was growing up because I forget so much of how he was when he was small. I forget the sadness of seeing him grow up too fast. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I love those little comments that kids bust out with. It's amazing how much their minds absorb :)

  3. ahhh...he's so sweet...and well...beautiful too!


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