Day 224. seven

Dear Z,

We had a great week and that was priceless.

Triple play date, as you called it, with your favorite friend...Summer camp....Boomers...Beach...Dodge Ball with Daddy...Wii Games...Library...a not so very loose tooth, but we are on Tooth Fairy watch....lots of Johnny Test...Pokemon and Megamind to end this great week with a key of gold (brazilian expression).

I saw happiness in everything you did this week. I saw that you were not just waiting for something or someone to make you happy... You were just happy.  Maybe because during this week, life was a little easy on you... maybe because somehow you understood that happiness is made of moments, and we must enjoy every single piece of it.
I really don't know why, but seeing you happy, made me very happy.
                        "Happiness is like jam. You cannot spread even a little, without getting some on yourself"

Being silly



  1. love the the pics. love your words.

    awesome reflection.

  2. He's so gorgeous and photogenic!

  3. Beautiful photos! Love the silly expression in the second one!

  4. Love the window shot! Beautifully done.

  5. Super silly, super fun!


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