Day 227. choosing

I had a wake up call this morning,  it made me sad in the best way possible.

Life is changing and I am constantly searching for what is different. I am choosing different paths all the time, and sometimes that gives me that feeling of being lost. That makes me feel like trying so hard to go against the natural flow of things.

I guess that I need to take a step back, stop for a moment,  and figure it out what is to do next to accomplish what I want to.

I need to keep having support from friends, by being a friend to them. Because only with that I will be able to keep in this journey with the same purpose that made me start it :  Connect to grow, by just being me.

"If you try to follow every possible path, you will end up following none"  Paulo Coelho



  1. I got an unexpected (and unwelcome) wake up call last week and have been spinning in place since. Reading this post was a wonderful reminder to take a breathe and find my way back to the path.

  2. The limited focus on this shot relates well. Find one thing and focus. Beautiful.

  3. Very beautiful image! My kinda capture! Hope your journey leads you to a good place for you!

  4. Beautiful image, Valeria. Change is good, but it often brings sorrow. The older I get, the harder it is to accept change. I tend to hold on to what I know--it brings me comfort. But I'm so thankful that each day is a new opportunity to live, love, laugh, grow, and be. Hope you have a good week.


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