Day 233. lego

I guess we are entering a new phase, The Lego Era.  He was so happy playing with his Indiana Jones and Ninjago new toys.



  1. My son loves Lego too, cool shot!
    Thanks for the visit and lovely comment, you asked about the collage its Paint the Moon Attic Treasures frames, they come in psd format in different layouts, with clipping masks & plain background. The background I used is The CoffeeShop Blog Faric maker action, so you pick a colour and it makes the texture & I use PSE 8. I'll probably post all the info on my 365 post this week. Cheers!

  2. One of my favorite perspectives--hands and toys!

  3. I must admit, I wish I had boys so they would love legos :O) So fun!! I love how you captured his little hands at work!

  4. What a great shot. Legos rule. My Husband and I start by tiding our son's block away and an hour later we build a castle. I think my son likes them too...


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