Day 234. Ava's tea party

This is going to be a long post, I am sorry but it is for a good reason.

August 22, 2003 Ava was born. She left this world way too soon. I guess God had another plans for her.

You can read her story here Superprincess. Her mother, Sheye Rosemeyer, is an amazing woman and artist. I love her work and her emotional posts.

Today, people around the globe celebrate Ava's day with a Tea Party. I don't have a girl, but had some help from my son while shopping for some pink goodies, Ava's favorite color.

This was our conversation:

Z. "Why are you buying all this pink stuff, Mommy?"
Me " To celebrate this little girl's birthday with a Tea party"

Z. "What girl?"
Me. "Her name is Ava and she is in Heaven since she was 3 yr old"

 Z. "But 3 year olds cannot die."
Me. "Unfortunately they can...." and I told her story.

Me. "So what do you think I should get?"
Z. "Hello Kitty, girls like that"  he also picked a beautiful balloon

Z. "Do you think she liked more chocolate or vanilla?"
Me. "I am not sure, but I guess vanilla has a great color, like the clouds"

Z. "Do you think that she can see grandpa?"
Me. "I guess so"
Z. "How are you going to send this pictures to Heaven"
Me." I cannot, but we can send to her Mommy."
Z. "I guess she is going to cry."
Me. "Maybe, but she will be happy that we are doing this."
Z. "I wish that God do not kill anybody from my family"

At the end of the day, we let the balloon go to Heaven. Z was wondering if Ava would reach it. We stayed outside until we could see the balloon anymore.
He was happy that she caught the balloon and could celebrate her birthday.
I was even happier.
I said "Happy Birthday Ava", but according to Z it was not enough, so he screamed at the top of his lungs "HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVA",  looked at me and said "Now she heard us."

We had an amazing experience.

Thank you sweet Ava.



  1. Hello Valeria
    Your sweet tale of how you celebrated Ava's Tea Party made me smile. Reading your words and seeing your images, you paint a beautiful picture. Thank you so much for remembering our girl.
    Love Sheye xx

  2. ps, Your son is absolutely beautiful, inside and out. xx

  3. wow. What an amazing tribute and show of support for Ava's mommy. Z's perspective made me smile as children often do.

  4. So beautiful...every single part. Blessings and prayers to Ava's family.


  5. This is so unbelievably beautiful. A really lovely tribute. I am sending many prayers to Ava's family tonight.

  6. Heartbreaking. Beautiful. Many prayers to Ava's family.


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