Day 236. working day

Today my son went to work with me.  No babysitter, no Daddy and no family around. It is hard when you don't have family living close to you, but... He had a great day,  he was good, helpful, calm...

I LOVE him more than life.

Unfortunately one of my patients, with autism and developmental delayed, hit him for no reason. Poor guy was so scared and crying so much. I could not even help him at that time, because I had a 3 year old guy on my chair, being treated for 12 fillings, that was crying his head off, and I was trying to manage him.  I was so frustrated at that time, because I really wanted to hold my son and listen to what he was saying, to listen to his plea, to listen to what was coming out of his heart..., but all I could do was tell him that "it would be ok". I could not touch him, because I was with my hand on some kid's mouth. I could not even look at him for too long because I needed to comfort my patient.

I lost it.

I usually do not scream at my patients, but I did, and it was so loud that I could see the terror on that boy's  little eyes. It was bad... that child felt asleep for the rest of the treatment. I know he will hate dentists for the rest of his life, and I am sorry about it. It will be my fault.

My son is a very loving child,  and I taught him that hitting is not ok, but I am not sure if I was right?
On the real world people hit you, and make you feel bad.. and it is not always ok to be quiet. I know that, but how can I teach that to a 5 year old? Should I teach him to hit back? Should I teach him to run away? I am not sure.
I remember last year he came from school, first day of kindergarten and had a black eye on the next day because some kid hit him. I talked to the teacher but did not asked him to hit back. Then some other kid hit him again, but this time he pushed that kid back,  and ended up at principal's office.  But still did not asked him to hit back, but find a teacher and report.  I do not want him to be the guy that people can pick on, because he will not react . The kid that anyone can hit. I want him to know how to set his ground and keep his head up, deal with consequences and never, I mean, never be the "looser guy", the one that everyone laugh about it, talk about it, and put it down all the time. I want him to be proud of who he is.
Not sure what to do here. So today I assured him to hit back  is ok sometimes, and then we will think about consequences later.  I told him that  "No matter what big or small the child is, no matter if it is normal or not, you have to hit back".  Am I right? I don't know. All I know is that I really don't want to see him that distressed anymore.

What should a mother do? This year he is going to first grade, and will be together with all those Elementary children students. It is going to be different from the kindergarten only break, library time, play time, lunch time, dismissal.... It will be real, and it is going to hurt, and he will need to survive.

What should a mother do?

Anyway, at the end of the day we got a DVD that was released yesterday, and it is one of his favorite, Phineas and Ferb. I love that show as well. That made the day end up with lots of smiles.


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