Day 241. hats

Last week of summer break.  No camps, no plans.. just a week of complete freedom.

Today we did what we do best, and payed a visit to Target. We also shopped for some school's outfits. We had coffee (me), and cookies at a nice Cafe. Played battle with some Ninja lego toy. Skyped (is that a word? ) my sister.

We ended up the day watching "the Wizard of Oz" first version from 1939. It was kind of cool see him worried about Dorothy, laughing with the Tin Man, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, the Witches.... He kind of knew the story, because he watched a version on Phineas and Ferb ( I love this show), where the Scarecrow was hanged on a pole because someone gave him a wedge. Different version for sure, with rock and hip hop music, but cool.

The best part was he saying right before lights went off to bedtime "There is no place like home.... but I love Target too" 

We had a good day,  and laughed a lot about kitty's new nap spot.

He had fun playing with Daddy's hats, and also gave me his sexiest face ever.



  1. Love these photos, Valeria! We like Phineas and Ferb, too. Such a funny little show. Kitty's nap spot is too much!

  2. Such GREAT photos! Love your cat's sleeping spot, and the "Sexiest face ever" shot just cracks me up! :-)

  3. I'm stealing his quote about Target! lol! A boy after my own heart. :)

  4. Teaching them they joys of target at a young age - very important!

  5. Just wanted to stop in and say thanks for visiting Life Studios today!! Love your blog! :)

  6. i love target too!!! i'll babysit :) so cute. love the shot you are now usin your profile and the one of him and his daddy...swoon!


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