Day 244. ten

Dear Z,

as the new school year approaches, I have many feelings inside.

I wish you can be more social this year and make lots of friends. I wish that kids do not pick on you and make you feel less than you really are. I wish you can learn and grow to the fullest possible for a 5yr old boy.  I wish you can grow in all aspects of life. I wish you curiosity.... awareness.... clarity..... wisdom... problem solver capacity....

But then I was wondering about your wishes, and I asked you that question. I guess your answer was honest, and here it is on your own words (I am typing as it comes from your mouth):

"I wish I did not  have to go to school everyday, like when in Baby School. I don't want to be in school forever, and I wish they could give video games in school. I wish they would give us toys and all the pokemon cards. I want to learn and get A+++++++"

Anyway, after that answer all I can wish you is Happiness.

Good luck on 1st grade.


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  1. Good luck Z, have a wonderful school year and lots of Pokemon cards and A+++++ :)


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