Day 250. me

No photo today, so here is one that I took last week.

I love how he looks like me here.



  1. LOL! Cute :-)

    And yes I am starting to design blog templates! You can email if you want more info :-)

  2. OOOh i totally agree he does look like his mama.

    hey yes!!! definitely join us. we are posting the me and mine shots the last week of the month. you can take your shot anytime that month. email me! hope4ou2 at

    also do you join with us on 30 day shred. one of the girls quit this week. it's hard to commit even though it is only 20 min a day...but i need this right now. doing it with other people is extra motivation :)

    let me know! and have a terrific weekend!

  3. So sweet! Love it..



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