Day 252. critique

So I submitted a photo for critique on Photo tuts+  and I was selected. Wow.
The photo I sent for their website was the one I took for the White challenge at iHeartfaces, linked here.  I really love that shot, and I needed to know how to make it better.
It is kind of scary to put yourself out there, to be seen and evaluated for not sure how many unknown photographers. Scary to be in a place where there are no rules about how people will critique you.... But I did step out of my comfort zone, and sent my work.
Being selected felt good, and does feel good to see things that I did not see before this critique.
I kind of like the overall result and learned a lot with this experience.

"Try again.  Fail again.  Fail better."  Samuel Beckett


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  1. LOVE that quote at the end. Geese, I need to practice getting out of my comfort zone more often. You're awesome for doing this!


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