Day 254. Never Forget

I took so many pictures today, but once a read this post from Sheye Rosemeyer I had to share it.

My love affair to America is an old one, and started way before I  realized that I could call this country  "Home".
I love you America, for being a land of freedom and opportunities.

Dearest America,

When I first met you, I was an early twenty something. I was impressionable and you, you were all things impressive. I marveled at your glamor, I swooned at your glossy stores. You were the same as home, but different. Calvin Klein t-shirts for under fifty dollars? A whole restaurant serving only vegetarian food? Cirque de Soleil in Vegas and sugary bignettes in the French Quarter. Sunny walks through San Francisco. Needless to say, I fell rather hard for your amazing self and then, well, it was over. Ten days later and I made my way back to the simpler life.

Fifteen years on, I’d mostly forgotten our love affair. I’m sorry. Life got busy. I grew up, a bit. I found another love and we made four children and honestly, I had no plans to meet up with you again. Fate however, guided me back and one Summer day, I found myself strolling through Laguna Beach. Surrounded by breath-taking Spanish architecture and late afternoon sunlight, my heart swelled while I declared that I had found my Heaven on Earth. I dreamed out loud of spending every day with you. I soaked you up and I embraced the other you I hadn’t seen through younger eyes. Your natural beauty.

It wasn’t just me though, we all fell for your charms and between then and now have returned more than once. Every time, we travel further, we discover more. We return to the same community where we’re welcomed in by our neighbors and little by little, you have become our home away from home. And every single day, when the light drops over that ocean, my heart swells all over again and I ponder how it feels to be really and truly in love with you. I know there’s more of you to see, so much more. I dream of Summer road-trips though the desert and meandering down Madison Avenue in Winter. We both know that Australia will always be my first love, but you will always live in my heart as the refuge that gave us hope for a happy future when our present was nothing but unbearable. You offered sunshine through the clouds and a place to create new memories with our children. You helped us find a way forward.

This past weekend, we’ve never felt closer, or further away from you. Watching one of your darkest days retold from the safety of our lounge-rooms, we’re so awfully sad for you and we’re so filled with pride seeing how you have rebuilt. Your loss is big, but your strength is bigger. You’re an amazing example of resilience and unity and today, you make us very very grateful for the luxury of freedom. To sleep safe in our beds and to spend simple days at the beach with our children. America, we think you’re pretty special and just wanted to tell you so.

Love Always,

Sheye x


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  1. A delightful love letter to America. I have not been there, but it sure deserves it.


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