Day 258. in his hand. twelve

Dear Z,

"He got the whole world in His hands", I love this song.  It is powerful, and for me it says a lot about Him, us as human and our capacities. I really want you to understand this words and live by them.
Today you had a demonstration of what you can do . Of what you can achieve if you put yourself into it. Maybe you are just too young to understand,  and I am trying the impossible here. But I really want you to know that YOU CAN, always. And if you cannot all you need is to have faith in who you are, and find new ways to realize your dreams.

Never forget that LIFE is made of I CAN.

Your first question after receiving your trophy was "are you proud of me?"
Are you kidding me? Oh yeah I am proud of you. You worked hard to get to this point, you completed all your chores, you dreamed about it, you learned your routines, practiced, progressed...I am very proud of you, and will always be no matter what you do, no matter how far you go,  because you are part of me.

I know how happy you are with the results today. Enjoy your time and keep moving forward.



  1. Your message to him is lovely! Great photos!

  2. Dear Valeria,
    I am so honored that you nominated me for the "Liebster Blog Award". WOW!
    I have so much catching up to do in regards to blogs and friends. Once I am back home I will blog about my award (end of next week). Your pictures are as always amazing. I love the hair of your boy. He holds the world in his hands is so symbolic and so beautiful.
    I also just read your letter to America. Wonderful. More soon.
    Love from your blog friend,

  3. A beautiful letter to a beautiful boy

  4. Great song, great moment. and WONDERFUL first photo! That song will totally be in my head today, thank you!

  5. Love that first shot - I totally started singing.

  6. Great song, great accomplishment, and GREAT first photo! That song will be in my head all day now. ;) Thank you!

  7. Dear Valeria,

    What inspiring words of heart-felt wisdom. You are blessed with amazing talent... thanks for sharing and keep up the beautiful work!


  8. you are such a good mom. Your words are beautiful and from the heart!

  9. had to browse thru your blog and catch up! Your photos are fantastic and your content is always heartfelt- have a great weekend!


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