Liebster Award

At the end of August I discovered I was awarded a Liebster Blog Love Award by a very talented photographer named Susan. Sunflower Status .  I was very surprised and happy. It does feel good when people believe and appreciate your work. Thank you Susan.

In return, I need to select five blogs that I like, and they all need to have less than 200 followers. I really love a bunch of artists here for different reasons, so it was hard to choose, but... I did.

Once tagged the Liebster Blog Love winners just need to pay the kindness forward:

1. Link back to the blogger who gave you the award as a thank you.
2. List your top 5 blogs and let them know with a comment
3. Post the award on your blog.
4. Enjoy the love.
5. Share the love.

Here the list of my 5 blogs:

Constantly Evolving because I love everything that she does.

3 Monkeys Jumping  because I love to see how she is growing

Allie 365  such a great talented and very, I mean very young lady. She is going places.

Love from Eva  because the name of her blog says everything. I love how authentic her work is.

Chasing Rainbows  because Sara is a beautiful person inside and out. Her work is amazing.



  1. Thank you so much, Valeria! What you wrote is so sweet and lovely!
    I've actually already been nominated for this award before so I'd completely understand if you want to nominate someone else instead. Thank you so much for thinking of me!

  2. Valeria you are so sweet. Thanks for the encouragement !!!

  3. Congratulations to you too Valeria!! I forgot to say that before. You are wonderfully deserving! :-)


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