Monday Listicles

So my friend Stasha from North west mommy invited me sometime ago, to join her monday's fun. I accepted right away, but then i took me a while to start, for so many reasons, but......
Here I am, and very happy to participate.
Today's theme is Summer.

1. Summer Concert
 2. Pool 
 3. Surfing
 4. Friends
 5. Sand
 6. Camping
 7. Fresh fruits

 8. Sleeping out of the bed
 9. Summer hit
 10. And more water

You can join the fun by clicking on the button below.



  1. These photos are so happy and carefree. Just like summer should be!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Looks like a great summer. Stopping by from Stasha's.

  3. I love these photos as they show a range of wonderful moments! I'd love to know the story behind sleeping on the floor :)

  4. Lovely! I love the photo of that concert, and all the water, and all the smiles...!

  5. Where were you????????? Those last couple look so similar to where my mom lives-

    LOVE all these shots- make me smile!!!

  6. Such delightful shots, and what a wonderful list!

  7. I'm glad you linked up with Stasha! Your photographs are so beautiful...I love the ones with the little friends most of all.


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