Day 275. tooth fairy

Finally the waiting is over. Z lost his first tooth on Sunday Oct, 02 around 8.00pm.
He was eating a piece of pizza when it happened.
He was so excited, but also had some mixed feelings when he saw a little bit of blood, let's put this way, he will not be a dentist like mom. But anyway, after a popsicle and the idea of having Tooth Fairy coming to trade his tooth for money, all the worries went away.
He was expecting US$1.000, but instead the fairy left US$5, because there are a lot of kids with a lot of loose teeth out there and they all want some money... at the end he was happy with what he got.

The tooth fairy pillow I got on Etsy awhile back. It has a chart on the front and a small pocket on the back to put the tooth. Very cute.



  1. Big stuff, kiddo! I love the little pillow and the shot of it next to the tooth fairy book! Adorable!

  2. SO darn cute! I just love your little guy. He is absolutely adorable. Love that pillow too!

  3. lol...He's on his way! too cute!

  4. What a great pillow!! Did you make it? Somehow I feel sad each time a tooth is lost....they look so much older.

  5. Congrats, Z (and Mom!) :)


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