Day 279. fifteen

Dr  Z,

loose tooth, doing good in school, reading, being sick, field trip, playdate with best friend.... what a busy week.
Summer is over, and soon the lightness on your hair will turn down. I wanted to capture your little curls. This might be the last summer that you have them.  As we talked about it, you might be changing your hairstyle,  to a very short one. I don't know if you really want the change, or if was just a moment of excitement seeing Brian Bradley cool music and style. Time will tell.
I love your hair the way it is, but I will support your decision, even crying from the inside. I will love you and your hair, no matter how it looks.



  1. Awww! I love the curls as well!! I am sure he will be darling in any style :)

  2. I love capturing their small details like this that mean so much to us. His curls are gorgeous, but as Tracy said, I'm sure he'll be just as handsome without them as well.


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