Day 280. before and after

I have been trying to catch up with my posts, but at the same time I want to watch this great class at CreativeLive called Dramatic Post Processing . So working the whole day, trying to catch up, watching the reruns of the class, and house duties in between, leaves me with no time. I am trying...
Anyway, at this class, they had an assignment on choosing a not very ideal location and make an interesting image on it, ad post processing it. Although I did not take this picture today, I did took this picture in a dirty empty lot last April.
This is my try of a dramatic post processing. I played with curves, saturation, contrast, crop and sharpening.
Feedback would be appreciated.




  1. So much we want to do, so little time. Isn't that the truth! Love the edit, the subject really 'pops' out.

  2. Great job Valeria. I really have to think outside the box because as a photographer, everything has potential, and you see things the b&w post processing.

  3. I am so sorry but I am the worst at feedback.. I do like them both.. I love the softness of the first shot. And to me it seem like the second shot has a little more detail.. But they both look great...

  4. The first shot has nice perspective but with your PPing on it, it really POPS and becomes so much more dramatic.

  5. I like it Valeria! The strong contrast really brings out the texture of the fibers.


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