Day 285. the limit

I went to a photo walk last Sunday organized by Kelby Training. I have some mixed feelings about it. I really thought I would meet and talk to some photographers. Turned out that I did meet with a lot of photographers, but only exchanged a few words with them. It was not what I expected. So I spent pretty much 2 hrs shooting by myself, which was kind of ok, but I was really wishing for some interaction.

Anyway, I have lots of pictures to look through, here is one of them.

I like the way the light bulbs are kind of floating in the sky... which leads to the phrase

        The sky is the limit 



  1. I really like that - so simple but so inspiring.

  2. ...I've never been on a photo I wouldn't know what to expect. I love what you have captured here tho. great quote...

  3. Love this photo! Sorry you didn't enjoy the walk so much.

  4. Oh I love the colors and simplicity here.


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