Day 287. sixteen

Dear Z,

I know we had another busy week. Getting ready for your birthday, grandmothers coming to celebrate it, picking up your pumpkin , sleeping by yourself like a big boy... ufa !!!
Also I received the birthday gift that I made for you. You will be 6yrs old on October 16th, and thanks to Meagan's   giveaway,  and the most beautiful place for heartful storyteller ideas Paper Corterie, I was able to put this book together. I know you will not appreciate my gift right is not a toy... I am ok with that. I am giving you memories.  I am giving you the essence of what it is important today... I am giving you my heart. I know that long before I am gone, you will be able to look at this book and feel my love... feel my presence... feel my kisses and my touch...maybe even  hear my voice and our laughter...I know that will be one of the better gifts of your entire life.
Today, all I want is for you to know that I love you... I love you with all my heart.



  1. Such an extraordinary gift that will be appreciated for years to come. Lovely!


  2. What a thoughtful and sweet gift! I love your cover design. Hope Z has a wonderful Birthday!

  3. That's beautiful Valeria--the sentiment, the gift and the photo!


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