Day 311. the results

I read this quote today and that kept me wondering if I am really putting all of me here on this blog and on my desire to become a better photographer. 
I did learn a lot this year.  I did meet so many wonderful artists and I was inspired by them and by life over and over again... and for most of the time I kept my promise of posting one photo a day. I had some no posting days, but I am ok with that.
So I guess I am doing something right. 
Can I go even further? Absolutely, but I will need to put even more work in it. 
As the new year approaches I need to make a decision on which direction I want to take. I am not sure. But I know that I will keep taking pictures.

I've always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come.
Michael Jordan


  1. Yes...I do believe that too. Gorgeous photo.

  2. lovely quote! so true :) your photos always give me peace, I'm happy you're planning in continue shooting. xxo

  3. Those could be my words. That's exactly how I feel, too. I can't wait for this 365 to be over. I'm planning to finish the last 1 1/2 months, but it has been really hard lately. At the same time, I've started to plan the next steps and I'm very exited about it. We'll see where it will go..

  4. and I are thinking on the same lines today..funny! But this isn't funny...its really beautifully shot and spoken.

  5. Hands down, Valeria, your work is beautiful. Of course you have to continue--it pushes you to push yourself. Don't let it take away from your family, though. Use it to enhance your life. I couldn't imagine not following your work. You're so very talented.

  6. Posting daily is tough. After almost 2 years I think I'm ready for a break. But then I worry, will I still have motivation to pick up my camera lately if I don't have the commitment of daily posts to fulfill? I have seen great growth in your work over the year, Valeria. Your effort has definitely paid off <3


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