Day 321. the tree

We are ready for Christmas. The tree is up, decoration out of the box, ideas for classmates gift are being discussed, teacher's gifts ready to be packed.... let's celebrate!!!
The cup on this image is very important to me, because it was one of the gifts that my best friend sent me right before my son was born, and tonight, six years later, he was enjoying a yummy hot chocolate in it.

It reads "Friends are friends, but you... is a super friend".  I love you Rose.



  1. That sure is a special mug. Love that Z drinks from it now. Your post put me in a Xmas mood. Thank you!

  2. LOVE the bokeh and the whipped topping too. Such a lovely shot, it makes me want to put our holiday decorations up!

  3. Christmas lights make the best bokeh!!!

  4. I'll put the tree up this weekend (hopefully). If it doesn't get up by the end of next week, it won't go up. Sometimes we just have to settle with the nativity. Save the tree for next year. :)


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