Day 334 and 335

As the end of the year approaches I am feeling a little nostalgic about 2011. I have met a lot of wonderful artists here in my blog, made new friends, and also found old friends on facebook as well... The year was not easy, but it was good.  I am grateful for that.
Now let's all have our countdown until Christmas and then 2012. All I want is a great new year ahead of all of us.



  1. I hear you...2011 was quite a year..and not always easy. I am looking forward to 2012...and hoping it brings much happiness to everyone!

  2. Very cool Spidey jammies. A pair have been ordered for my little prince for Christmas as Spidey is his favorite.

  3. love your little countdown house. so sweet. and your son looks adorable as always. happy holidays :) I'm doing this 365 project next year! starting Jan.1st :)

  4. Yep, I'm getting nostalgic, too! What a cute door elf!


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