Day 349. 10 more days

Time is getting tighter and tighter.. Another busy day with school Christmas Presentation, lunch with coworkers... Life is amazing.
I have been very bad about commenting on anybody's blog, but I guess we all understand and forgive me.



  1. No need to forgive...I completely understand!

  2. I hope you keep blogging after the new year. you're such an inspiration :) January 01st 2012 I'll start my 365+1 Project.

    happy holidays sweetie:)

    I've ordered some postcards I made for this season. three weeks gone by and I'm still waiting for them to arrived. oh, well, I shall wish everyone a great new year (probably after the holidays, lol) xxo

  3. Nice detail you captured here! And, it's all of these details of our hectic lives that we'll appreciate having captured years from now! I've been missing out on other's blogs, too. No worries!


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