Day 365. the end

My last post of the year.
I had all these amazing ideas about photos and compositions, and locations.... but turned out that none of them could be done, due to model lack of cooperation, but.... I ended up with a great image that just happened as most of my images on this blog, without planning.

I can say that I finished my 365.  I had some missing days, I have some not very inspirational moments, I also had some great moments that I could not believe it was my work. I wanted to gave up, so many times, but my family and blogger friends kept me going. The final result will be in a book. I am proud of myself.

365 days, and I can see how much I grew as photographer. Thank you all for the support.
Can I do better? Absolutely, I will bust my a*** of for that.

Can I do another 365....?

Not in 2012.  I really want to concentrate in learning more... have great small projects... grow even more. But I did love every single moment of 2011.

I have tons of ideas for 2012, so one of my wishes is to find a way to focus. I will be doing a 52 project for sure, and also my favorite project called Sunday Scavenger Hunt,  so I will be around.

Well, to end my last post of the year,  I wish all the happiness that my family and friends can hold, and I little extra just to make sure... And wish that all the hope that this day, Dec 31st,  brings, can be achieved in 2012.

Let's make 2012 count as a new beginning , not just as a number.




  1. Hi sweetie :) you're ending and I'm starting a 365+1 Project, lol. congratulations! Happy 2012 from across the ocean. xxo

  2. Congratulations!! A perfect ending to a beautiful project

  3. Congrats on this huge accomplishment! I'm excited you're joining me for the self portrait project. :)

    Happy new year friend!

  4. Happy 2012. I am excited to share your journey. Your blog is one of my favourite places on the web to visit !

  5. Beautiful shot! Happy 2012!

  6. Lovely! Really love how the light outlines him!

    Congratulations on finishing your 365! I'm so glad I got to see your very creative vision along the way!

  7. So so SO sad you won't be doing the 365, but will keep up with your 52 project. Thanks for being such an inspiration this year. Your work is incredible and I enjoyed getting to know you, Z, and your husband. God bless.

  8. Gorgeous, I LOVE it, the lighting is just perfect and you captured such a wonderful contemplative moment. Congratulations on completing a 365!


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