So my journey started today. I have joined a group at the Evoking You blog. I am happy with my choice. The blog, and the forum are all about inspiration. It has great images, but all put in a way that you do not feel pressured. There is no talking about business, which also gives a relax feeling to it.... It is all about finding yourself and being you.

This week's theme was "Mirror", and the first thing that came to me, was a selfie looking in the mirror. I did tried that one, but we all know how much I struggle with self portrait. So I went to a different direction and decided to add water to the mirror and have a "reflection". It was a cool experiment.

Because some of you asked me about settings and processing, I will add that to my 52 images. I guess it will also make fun for me, to review later and learn from my mistakes.
Anyway, my focal point was on the water, between the two images. My settings  ISO 500 F/3.5  1/200  with a 100mm and processed with CoffeeShop Simple Vintage action.



  1. I like this image, so very you!

  2. VERY cool what you did! :)

  3. Very creative. Such a neat perspective!


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