This is week two of my 52 and I decided to go solo. I really like what everyone else is doing.... all the ideas, prompts, the get together... etc, etc. But I decided to follow my heart... and it screams "Be You, no matter what".  So I am not linked to any 52 project anymore. At the end I might realize that I was wrong, but for now it is something that feels just right. I will follow my heart to see where all this will lead me.

I am breaking the rules, and I am proud of myself.

I had a very busy, and life changing week. I will talk about it in the future. This week made me realize that...."Like in a book, LIFE is all about new chapters. The beginning of some chapters are chosen by you, and some are decided by destiny. No matter how your chapter begins, YOU are the only one responsible for how it ends" by me to myself.



  1. Good for you, sounds like a very interesting week. I think it's important to be you no matter what-this is a beautiful sunrise.

  2. It is right to follow your heart...that's where the real passion begins. I'm doing that, too. Instead of following a themed project, I'm finding my own way...and for once, I feel truly inspired. I wish the same for you!

    Beautiful sunset, Valeria.

  3. always so peaceful :) my misadventure made me realize I've to stop doing so much other people project, no matter how much fun they're and give me time to just have fun. still dizzy and sleepy but trying to get back on track. xxo

  4. It's important to be you for sure! That's what it's all about.
    So glad to see you are interested in my self-portrait project {in the picture}! We'll be doing a link up on my blog on 1/27 if you are interested :)

  5. Agreed. I have a friend who wants to do a daily photo project, but just can't commit. So she decided to do a 30-day project with assignments for each day. She was happy being told what to shoot. I would never be happy with that. Even with the constraints of a daily photo project, I can shoot whatever I want. It forces me to look around and find beauty no matter what. If I didn't have a daily blog, I'd miss so many captures. Keep it up, my friend, but don't let anyone clip your wings. I love the beauty you find when it's time to be found.


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