Seven and Eight

I moved once again, and we all know that moving is kind of stressful at the beginning. We need to pack... unpack... re-organize... declutter... re-organize again... and Adjust.
That takes a lot of time and energy.
I ready somewhere that you need a clean space to get inspiration. I could not agree more. I am still searching for that space.
The house is almost looking like home, and that brings tranquility.
This image shows how I am still felling inside.
I hope to get back to my blog and friends this week. I really need a dose of inspiration.



  1. I moved last year and the house is still not home so I understand you completely. but I'm happy you're back. it's good to have news from you. I wish you an extraordinary week. xxo

  2. *sigh* ....I totally know this feeling. We just moved 700 miles at the beginning of this year and it has been an...adjustment. I so hope your house feels like home very soon and everything finds it's organizational home on the first try! ;)

  3. Good to see you back! Missed your presence.

  4. I so understand, Valeria. I can't work with clutter because it gathers like moss in my mind. Take your time, put it away, and your inspiration will have more room to grow. I moved every couple of years growing up and understand how hard it is. I moved 9 times before I was 18 years old. I married at 18 and moved 5 more times. I have lived longer in our home now than anywhere else in my life--20 years. The good thing about moving is it causes you to unclutter.

  5. Moving is so stressful. It changes everything to have clutter and everything disorganized. Glad it's slowly starting to feel like home again.


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