2012 has already brought lots of changes and new hopes, so many that until now we have barely had time to breathe!!!

First, we are adjusting to life in a new city!  Our new house is only a few steps from a huge park, swimming pool, and a play area. I can see that Z is going to have an AMAZING summer! There will be lots of outdoor playing and some good new friends as well.

Our move came up suddenly and we did it for a very specific reason. Let me explain. The first week of January, we unexpectedly set off on the journey of a lifetime. I have read somewhere that sometimes "the journey chooses you"...and I certainly agree with that now!

So here's the deal. Right after New Year’s my husband emailed me an article from the LA Times about a girl from Colombia  who was here as part of an adoption advocacy group that we have been involved with in the past. The article inspired us to get back in touch with the program and consider hosting a child over the summer in their Summer Miracles program.

Soon after, we ended up an event where the girl from the article was with other children from the program. The next thing we knew we were spending time with her in our home, at Disney, and in LA! The whole thing seemed so natural that we natural found ourselves falling in love with her! Now she is back in Colombia and we are rushing through all of the paperwork to adopt her. This is why we moved, so that we would have the extra bedroom we need!

So her name is Natalia and she is considered “unadoptable” in Colombia because of her age, but we think differently. She is sweet and kind of innocent, and that reminds me of myself at her age.  

She made us smile, she made us relax, she made us see how easy all this process can be. She even made Z so comfortable that he calls her "sister". 
It was a pleasure to meet her and no matter what life brings us, she will never been forgotten.

But the question now is... Can we adopt that girl who made us feel complete?

Well, the road of adoption is not easy, and we know that we are not the only family on this road to adopt Natalia. We are rushing through the process... we have high hopes... and we are very excited. But at the end, the Colombian authorities will make the decision.

Are we the best fit? Of course we think we are. But it is not up to us to decide and the lack of control is nerve wracking, but we will keep going. So, we put up a fund raising page to help us with all this unexpected expenses, and we really need help. Please share the link on your social media! Any help is greatly appreciated! We were so not prepared for this!



  1. Oh, congratulations and good luck! She sounds and looks like a sweetheart! (LOVE that first picture!) I hope the process goes well for all of you!

  2. Hello Valeria!

    As you know I'm a fan of your work and I was hoping you might feel up to playing a little game of... "Tag, your it!"

    Have fun and I hope you enjoy:)




  3. How exciting and nerve racking for you all! She's gorgeous, hope everything goes well!

  4. Oh, Valeria, I hope everything goes well. We went through foreign adoption several times but never had the joy of bringing a child home: Guatemala, China, and India. God, though, had a different plan and we were blessed with a wonderful son. He was discovered on a Thursday, birthed on a Sunday, and came home with us the next Tuesday. Life moves fast--much like your move. I pray you're able to adopt Natalia. She seems to fit perfectly in your beautiful family. Praying, praying.

  5. She is certainly going to make a beautiful addition to your wonderful family. This is the best pic! Love the smiles going on here. Sounds like you are going to be very busy, and what a great role model she is going to have in you! Good to hear from you friend.

  6. Just seeing this! Yes it seems you were put on this course for a reason...and I'm sure it is all going to work out the way it is up pose to. But I'm like you, putting your faith in others and taking it out of my hands is so very difficult. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers


  7. How wonderful, these photos are beautiful & I hope for you a smooth process ahead.

  8. Oh Valeria. I remember your post last year where you wrote about your yearning. I am so happy this journey has chosen you. I felt like this was your path. So happy!! SO very happy for your family and for Natalia to become a part of it. off to share the news xo

  9. Visiting through Stasha's tweet link and my heart absolutely needed to hear your story! When I am in front of a computer again I shall post a link as well! How amazingly beautiful, both your story and your growing family! Prayers are with you on this amazing journey!!!

  10. Oh, Valeria! What an exciting, anxious, beautiful thing to be working through. I hope that the process is smooth and expedient. Natalia is a beautiful girl and I hope she is able to complete your family soon <3

  11. Oh my goodness...first I was so glad to see your comment on my blog. I thought I had done something to upset you and the only reason why I didn't say anything was because if i had done or said something I didn't want to make things worse. So you can imagine how excited I was to pop over here and see what you have been up to. Natalia is so beautiful and I just hope and pray for her and your family that all of this hand wringing is not in vain. Sending blessings Valeria.

  12. She's perfect for your already beautiful family!


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