When transformation occurs, the past becomes a little blurry. I guess it is the transition to a brighter and sharper future.

I would love to say thank you so much for Caroline from Nowordz Photography, she is the mind behind my new look.  Once again, she was very patient and was able to read my mind, as I could not put in words what I really wanted. But in the minute I saw the test blog, I felt in love.
Caroline is an amazing artist... her blog is beautiful, informative, funny and deep sometimes.  Follow the link Nowordz Photography to check her out.


  1. Love this post. yes, it is!! And your new blog design is beautiful.

  2. Love Caroline and love how she helped transform your blog. It's beautiful

  3. LOVE your new blog design and the header. Simple and beautiful!

  4. The transition...yes. Precisely.


  5. Ohhh *blushing* thank you for your sweet words! You are a joy and your photography always inspires me!!! xoxo


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