Guess what?

It is time for the Guess What Challenge, a very cool idea from Lisa of LCM photography.  Take time to check her blog, and enjoy the fun.

If you missed last week's post, Here is the link  so you can check my first image. And here is the answer. Great guess Miranda.

Now, this is my image for this week.... Can you guess ?


  1. Your macro shots are amazing! I have no idea what the bottom photo is...but it looks like something with dirt in it!

  2. The only thing that I can think of for this is a glass paper weight?

    Also, I'm really excited I got it right last week!

  3. AnonymousMay 03, 2012

    Oh wow! I must have looked at this 10x. There is something glassy about it, yet looks like it is also woven? I am going with...basket weave.

  4. You've stumped me. I have no idea. :)

  5. I'm stumped ... I don't know if it is a weave or a battered table. Intriguing.


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