This afternoon we spent some time building castles with cards.  It was fun to see Z's  dynamic on that. He had so many emotions during the process, and we tried to explore them all. He was angry when the cards did not stand, and happy when they did... screaming when just after completing the task,  the castle crambled, leaving him with nothing... He was sometimes patient, just waiting to not be "angry", as he told me.
The process made me think about life.
We try to build something, and struggle to have it done. Sometimes we are left with all that we want.. other times with just part of we want... or even nothing.
So today, we learned something :  LIFE is like a castle made of cards... unpredictable.

We need to concentrate

Be patient

Wait some more

Try again and again

...and then we will have some results.


  1. Wonderful life lesson and precious memories. Z has grown so much, he's becoming a little man. :)

  2. Such wonderful perspective and so true. Love these captured moments in time.

  3. What a great reminder...and beautifully photographed, too.

  4. Your boy is gorgeous, Val and I love how you captured the details of this moment.

  5. Beautiful set! Your photography is growing so much, Valeria!

  6. AnonymousMay 16, 2012

    This is wonderful Valeria. A great job capturing the progress of him staying focused and succeeding.


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