Twenty six and seven

And here we are in the middle of July. Time is flying and I wish I could have a 48hrs day once a week.
I am so behind on everything. I am sorry about not commenting on everybody's blogs... I am visiting blogs, but in a very slow pace, but I did not stop.
Also thank you for all the comments on my blog, they mean a lot to me.

Summer has been busy and I am all over the place... working, son at home, camps, activities...and  on top of it I decided to participate in a workshop on Clickin Mom, and try to find the light.
I am learning a lot, shooting a lot and making tons of mistakes... but I hope I can understand a little more about light.

Anyways, here some of the things we have been doing this summer so far....


  1. AnonymousJuly 15, 2012

    I just love that last image with your son looking through the viewfinder with his nose all scrunched up. Great composition too!
    Stay inspired!

  2. LOVE all of your photos. Your processing is just so yummo! I have enjoyed watching you evolve over the last year. You have such an amazing eye! No need to apologize for not commenting...we all have a life, our family and those we love. I have always felt they are first and foremost the most important people in our lives and deserve our time over any other ;) So happy I stopped by though today! Love these!

  3. I'm always behind, Valeria. I'm glad I caught up with you. Z has lost his front teeth!! So cute. Hope your summer is full of joy. God bless.


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