Areia Movedica . Quicksand

There are moments in life where you feel stuck.
You cannot go back, neither move forward. It must feel like being in the middle of quicksand.
You try to reach for something to pull you out of there, but nothing is close enough. The more you move, the more you get suck in.
You stop moving....
Your body feels numb...defeated... stuck....weak.
You cry out loud for help, because maybe someone will hear you, but.... when you need the most, no one is around.
You must be patient and wait. So you do it.
But desperation always takes place. How can you free yourself?
You are on the mercy of destiny. Only hope can save you.
So you hope to be heard... hope that someone or something will reach you... hope that your mind does not go complete numb, and still able to search for memories that make you smile...that make your heart beat with joy and peace....
You hope that you never give up, and never stop feeling.... till your rescuer can find you.
So you wait... motionless...only hoping.

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