Let it go

Fear is inside of each one of us.
Fear can be a good thing, when it saves us from danger.
But also can be a curse, when it paralyzes us, and make us give up.
One of the hardest thing to any human being to do, is to LET IT GO.
We are used to accumulate.
We collect things...we keep clothes...bags...shoes...cars...feelings... emotions... and people. You name it.
We want to keep it all, and de clutter our lives often becomes a hard task.
Because of that sometimes we live in a foggy place...we are blinded by way too much of everything.
Because of that we feel lost...alone...hopeless...suffocated...even heavy.
But we still keepers.. still not letting it go, just because of fear.
We fear emptiness... we fear loneliness...unacceptance...we fear a broken heart...we fear not to be able to just be.
But every human being reaches a crossroad, where a choice must be made, and the only questions left is:
"Who or what do you need to let go in order to stop pulling yourself down...in order to stop keeping your feelings untold...in order to just be what you always wanted to be...fearless and happy?"


  1. I'm not sure which pulls at me more...your words, or your photo. There is a brilliance in both my friend :)


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