Alter Ego

I was ready to go and explore the city when the lady from spa stopped me to asked some questions..
“So what do you like the most about this city” she asked.
“I  love how people are free and know what they want” I answered.
“What do you miss the most” she asked me. After a small pause I knew exactly what it was, and I told her, “I miss myself and that’s why I am here, to find myself again"
But the lady had one more question right after a step a foot out of the door, “What’s your name?”
“My name is Darlene...” and so I took a step to the sidewalk.... I could taste the city... so much alive.... but ...but what was that buzz..... NOOOOOOOOO !!!! It was just a dream, and my alarm clock was saying “It is time to get up and go to work”
Why now? I need to dream again? I need to know who Darlene is...I need to feel her...I need to explore with her....but....
I guess I met my alter ego this morning, and I really love her. She seems so free and determined. I need to explore the world with her.

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