365|12 Wedding

Could not post last night because I was attending a very cool and special wedding. One of my favorite person said I DO,  and I am glad I was there. 
I like weddings... specially the ceremony, because each one brings something different...a lesson... a reminder... and the joy of unlimited possibilities.
Like in the fairy tales, during a wedding...love is forever...you want it to be...are willing to make it be forever and ever.
The celebration of love itself is the most amazing feelings of all, during a wedding.

“Once in awhile....Right in the middle os an ordinary life,
LOVE give us a fairy tale”  Anonymous 

Patience...respect....partnership...communication...understanding...putting your love first, always no matter what will come to you, work, school, kids, stress... everything else has to come in second place, ALWAYS.  
Also  “don’t try to always be right, try to be happy”... those are the very hard lessons that will keep you together....never forget them.
Wishing you guys all the best. 

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